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2017 Conference

Audit Financial Management and Expenditures - Barb Loescher (PPT)
Business Objects - Charles Rumberger 1 (PDF)
Business Objects - Charles Rumberger 2 (DOC)
Business Objects - Charles Rumberger 3 (DOC)
Business Objects - Charles Rumberger 4 (DOC)
Business Objects - Charles Rumberger 5 (PDF)
Business Objects - Charles Rumberger 6 (PDF)
Business Objects - Charles Rumberger 7 (PPT)
CCOP and CLTS - Jeff Blankenheim - Autumn Knudtson (PDF)
Community Aids Reporting System (CARS) Essential Information - Rob Hamilton Justin Brown (PPT)
Community Aids Reporting System (CARS) Federal Reporting - Rob Hamilton Justin Brown (PPT)
DCF CORe - Kozue Bush (PPT)
DCF Fiscal Update - John Tuohy (PDF)
DCF Rate Regulations - Kevin Pings (PPT)
DHS - Julie Anstett (PPT)

2016 Conference

870-875 TPA CLTS GPR Match Flow Chart CY2016 (PDF)
876-881 TPA CLTS CWA Admin Flow Chart CY2016 (PDF)
2016 CARS Processing Dates through 12-14-16 Processing (PDF)
Agency Type Chart WHSFMA 2016 (PDF)
CARSExpenseForm f00642 (PDF)
Community Aids Reporting System (CARS) May 2016 (PPT)
CORe WHSFMA Presentation 2016 (PPT)
DCF CORe Contacts and Links (DOC)
Helpful CARS Info (PDF)
Purchase of Services Contract Guide (PPT)
Tuohy WHSFMA conference 2016 (PPT)

2015 Conference

Agency Type Chart WHSFMA 2015.xlsx (XLS)
Billing & Collections for IMD (PPT)
Billing & Collections for IMD Links (PDF)
CARS Expense Form (XLS)
Helpful CARS Info(DOC)
Community AIDS Reporting System 2015 (PPT)
Contracting and 46 036 (PPT)
DCF Fiscal Update (PDF)
DHS Fiscal Update 2015 (PPT)
Emergency Detention (DOC)
Managed Care Presentation (PPT)
Pig Personality Profile (PDF)
Records Retention.pptx (PPT)
Revenue Maximization (PDF)
Rick Olson Superman Fiscal Manager Final (PDF)
The PS Program and the Fortress of Solitude (PPT)
Uniform Grant Guidance (PDF)
WI County Association Record Retention Schedule (PDF)